Here's what our clients are saying about HealthyCar®...


Kent G.

Fixed Operations Manager


Our sales people took in a 2015 RX350 that the client smoked 2 cigars a day in for 1 year. Our in house clean up department tried everything, we also brought in two outside companies that “specialize” in smoke removal, they tried smoke bombs, ozone and various chemicals including one you mix with water and leave in overnight …NOTHING worked! Our wholesaler passed on the vehicle. I mentioned this to Mike from LEAKPRO as he was in fixing a water leak on another car. Mike said our HEALTHYCAR division can get rid of the smell, being sceptical I handed over the keys. Two hours later vehicle smelled like new ZERO evidence it was ever smoked in. We left the vehicle outside over the long weekend and Tuesday morning the vehicle stilled smelled like new! Sales department put the vehicle in the front line and by 5:00 p.m. that day the vehicle was sold! Mike and HEALTHYCAR are our first call!

L. Maury

Vehicle Owner

2016 Lincoln MKC

My dog decided to wrestle with a skunk and get in my brand new 2 week old Lincoln MKC. The smell was so bad I had to have the car towed to Yonge Steeles Ford Lincoln as it was unbearable to drive. I was sick not ever thinking I would be driving my "Baby" again! The service advisor Chris told me no problem I know who to call…I get a phone call the next day, come pick up your Baby! I was very nervous, thinking the worst, I arrived at the dealership and there was my MKC. I walked up to it and smelled NOTHING. Opening the doors, NOTHING, putting my nose to the rear seat area NOTHING. My Baby smelled like a new car should. I asked who did they call, they said John from HEALTHYCAR, he does all our work. Thank you John!

N. Koyata

Vehicle Owner

Ford Escape

I bought a used Ford Escape and after owning it for a couple of weeks and the fruity air freshener dissipating I ended up with a bad, stale smoke smell. I called my dealer they said no problem expect a phone call from John at HEALTHYCAR. An hour later John called I gave him my address and he came over a treated my car. It took him just over an hour and my Escape smelled fresh and clean. It has been 2+ months now and my Escape smells as good as when John was finished.